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BACKSTAGE PASS: Ten things to say instead of stop crying.

Gonna start this article by saying that sometimes people suck and that is why it is important to have a good support system. People that will allow you to be vulnerable with: a shoulder to cry on. If you have that shoulder but are easily made uncomfortable by tears, then this list is for you. I have cried enough times to get my way so I know my way around tears. Trust Reginahsrunway and know that this list is better than any awkward thing you will say to someone crying. Don’t forget to go BACKSTAGE it's always a party.
Tell me about This is really hard for you I’m here for you It doesn't feel fair I hear you I will help you work it out I’m listening I want to be here for you but if you need space, I will stay close so you can find me when you’re ready. Its okay to be sad That was really scary, sad etc

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