Bringing the 70's back!!

I had personally stopped wearing braids years ago. It was to much work and taking them out was even more work. We all love looking good and I personally make it a point to make sure that my hair is on point although sitting down for hours can get stressful. I gave myself reasons to never wear braids again until I saw my girl Solange Knowles rocking them. The way she styles them made them interesting. She made them look classy, girly, fun and hip. Although I would go a few inches shorter than hers, these braids look better when styled lone. Solange also looks like she is having fun with her new hairstyle and that is why the 70's braids are back. While her older sister Beyonce got me singing to every single song that she comes out with, Solange has me wanting every fierce hairstyle she gets. I guess that is the power of the Knowles.


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