Another thank you to men's fashion

I like wearing men's shirts. Hopefully, I am not the only one. It goes to an extent of me shopping in the guy's section. It has come to an extent of me walking into guys wearing the same shirt as me on campus. A few days I was coming from the cafĂ© wearing my varsity jacket and I ran into this guy, who was wearing the same jacket, we laughed about it. He was polite to say that I wore it better. (Which of course I was with the help of my knee high boots) May be there is a psychological explanation behind this behavior. I do not have a man and I am currently not looking but when I do one, I am the time of girl you will find wearing your t shirt. But, does that mean that I am replacing men with t shirts? Of course not! There is something comfortable about guy's shirts and if you have seen the guy's sweaters from forever 21, you will see how nice and comfortable they look. They are also always cheaper than the women's so that's a bonus. I am not the only one loving this trend; women on the runway have been seeing wearing guy's clothes. I have 5 guy shirts, one pair of boyfriend jeans and a varsity jacket. The good thing about this is that I do not have to return them if a break up happens. I am also currently falling in love with the waterproof boots that I have been seeing around on my guy friends. Does this mean that I am going to become a tom boy? I will not over think anything because I always feel sexy when I wear my guy's flannel shirt from forever 21 with skinny jeans and high heels. Although it is perfectly fine for women to cross dress, I am however not appreciating guys wearing skinny jeans or Ugg boots. It is not a good look and personally, I would not like to walk next to a guy wearing one. Maybe this trend means that I do not need a boyfriend to steal his shirts because I will go get my own. 


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