Fashion and men: my favorite things

Once upon a time, men hated fashion and shopping. they would rather be dead than be found at a store. according to them, all they needed was a white t shirt, a pair of jeans and timber lands. something however changed in 2011, men's fashion is rising. Men are now becoming more conscious of their fashion sense. I have guy friends with more pairs of shoes than me. who would have thought that it would come to this. I am also loving the fact that they are playing more with color. I don't know who is responsible for this change but on behalf of the female population, we appreciate it because this means that men will no longer give us that "can you hurry up and get out of this store" look anymore. this also means that while i am looking fashionably sexy, my guy will be doing the same after all there is nothing wrong with having a mr. who looks like he just got from a GQ photo shoot.

also to a guy whose name shall remain unmentioned, i love your style and i made a song for you. It is called "swagg swagg swagg swaggg swaggg" so if you hear that then baby boy, i admire your swagg. Tell me what your favorite men's fashion trend is.


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