I raid people’s closets for fun; Fashion girl problems

I would like to begin by saying that I am very comfortable with my closet. I have clothes that I have never worn, as a matter of fact I do not wear almost 80% of the clothes I own but I still manage to complain about how I have nothing to wear. I do not know how that works.
I like people with a fashion sense and if you are my friend, you know I have no shame in raiding your closet. I start from Jenna’s closet for those pretty dresses she owns, then Kayla’s for a LBD. I know Jazmine always has the cutest tops.  Even my guy friends, Jack has the best sweaters and I still had no shame in raiding his closet. So when I feel like playing dress up, I will always go to their closets because I don’t get the point of playing dress up in my own closet.  There is something fun about raiding people’s closets. And if you have friends like mine, it is more fun when they do not mind. There are two ladies whose closets I have not raided for specific reasons.  I would love to just take a personal look in Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham’s closets.  These two are my fashion icons at the moment. 
Although the Kardashian sisters all have a wonderful sense of style, I much prefer Kourtney’s. It is classy, chic and you can clearly see that a stylist did not force her to wear anything.  It is always high fashion but not too high fashion like Kim’s.  She gives her style a sense of affordability although in most cases, it is not.  On top of that, she is the only person I have seen make pajamas stylish. When people wear pajamas, you just want them to stay with them in their rooms but of course some decide to come to walk around in them.  However, if you have been watching the recent season of Kourtney and Kim take New York, you would understand why I love her pajamas. They just look cool and comfortable.

Victoria Beckham puts a new meaning to “life is a runway”. She is always fashionably ready. Even when she is just strolling her children in the park or going to a movie premiere, she still looks fashionable.  Her clothing line is also very wonderful and chic. One can see that it is influenced by her fashion style.  I like the fact that her style is also high fashion but not Lady Gaga high fashion. I would love to invade her closet just because it would not hurt if I happened to run into David Beckham on my way out. It is then safe to say that these hot mothers got it all.


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