Jeffrey Campbell: my shoe cupid

The year is coming to an end, which is perfect timing to reflect. What could I have done better? Who should I have talked to more?  What should I do better in the New Year? The New Year is basically a second chance.
I would like to believe that we all believe in love. That there is something that can make you all warm and soft inside, giving you butterflies. I have been getting those butterflies but I knew it was not a person, it was stronger than what I would feel for a human being and after many hours of watching mad men, it hit me. I had a clue but was not very sure until I saw this fashionista on Newberry Street wearing Jeffrey Campbell’s lita boots. I was heartbroken as if I had seen someone I loved loving someone else. I am dangerously in love with these shoes and I have to have them.
The Lita boots were designed by Jeffrey Campbell. If anyone is familiar with his work, they would know that it is classy comfortable and not that cheap. These boots cost from $150-$400. It depends on what type you want. This might not be too much money if you are not a college student. But I have to have them. These shoes come in all colors, patterns and style. There are the leather ones, suede, glittered, leopard printed and every material and color a perfect shoe should be. Which enough reason is for me to won one in every color. They are 5-inches high which to some people might be too high but they are very comfortable.  
That is why the only new year resolution I have is to own a pair or two or three of these boots. Now let the saving begin because I have to have these shoes. They are just amazing and besides, I feel like they were made for me.


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