A Konfident Kardashian

Society has decided to give us the definition of beauty. If you are not tall, skinny with long blonde hair then you are not considered beautiful. They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; well I think beauty is in the eye of the media. You have to admit, it is everywhere.  We all have beautiful friends, but they do not look like Victoria secret models or Paul Walker (if I could have one friend as sexy as him…) my point is, we cannot all look like Victoria secret models and to be honest, I do not even think  they are naturally that good looking. Now I do not hate, I have seen drop dead gorgeous people. But I would like to believe that we are all beautiful in many different ways. I am not about to have a musical moment.
We all like the Kardashians and even if you hate them, you will still watch them. I love those girls; there is no one I root for than people who work for what they have. They all have a good fashion sense, Kourtney’s fashion is my favorite maybe because she is tiny like me, sometimes Kim goes over the edge but her shoe game is insane. Some people watch them for the drama but I do not care about who Kim I sleeping with, I am always looking at her shoes. She has that amazing pair of thigh high boots that I fell in love with. Now Khloe is my favorite, she is funny and you best believe she will knock you out if you mess up with her. Her feistiness adds something to the family.

Khloe doesn’t look like her sisters but neither do I. I am short and petite while my sisters are taller with more curves. Okay so Khloe is taller and bigger than her sisters, who cares.  People call her “transvestite”, fat or “the ugly sister” I don’t think that this has anything to do with the fact that she is taller than her sisters, it has to do with the fact that she is not 100 pounds. If Khloe was skinny and tall the way she was you know she would be praised of her beauty. I personally admire her self-confidence. She wears whatever she wants to wear and she does not look trashy. That’s the point of fashion, to have self confidence in yourself. If Khloe was not confident in herself, we would see that by the way she dresses but she is. She is expressing herself in fashion because in case it has not occurred to you, we are not all going to be 100 pounds because I personally believe that the beauty if a woman is in her curves. Khloe is just being a normal woman embracing her curves, I like her fashion, I admire her confidence and she is hilarious. If all of that does not make her beautiful then there is something wrong with this society.


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