Trends that should poof and be gone

Let’s face it; we live in a society that judges according to how a person looks. I am a part of that society and that is why I will decided if I want to talk to a person based on the shoes they wear, is that materialistic? Some people would argue and say yes but you know what, don’t blame me:  blame society and yourself for those terrible dirty shoes.
Every New Year, people come up with resolutions. “New year, new me” as if one needs a new year to make a difference in their lives. But I have to admit, a new year is an excuse to get rid of old bad habits, get on a new diet or get rid of that ex-boyfriend. Well while you are at it, here is only a few trends that in my opinion everyone should get rid of.
Wearing leggings as pants: Dear girls, I hate to break it to you but leggings are not pants. They are just not and were not created to replace pants so either you wear them the right way or just stay away from them.
When guys hang their pants really low: I do not know who lied to guys that wearing their pants in 2011 makes they look cool. At some point this trend was cool but it has to go. We do not want to see your underwear and I know you only wear one pair every week because it is in my face all the time. Guys, this is so unattractive. Probably should ask Santa for a belt or two. Sportswear: Do you know why GQ magazine named Boston the worst dressed city in America? This trend is one of the reasons why.  I refuse to be part of a city that has a reputation of being worst dressed and that is why I live in Malden but seriously, if you are not going to a game and it is not a basketball seasons, keep those jerseys  somewhere far away. It is okay to wear them for comfort but some people wear them every day.
Ugg boots: if you know me then you know my strong hatred for Ugg boots. And now that the weather is getting colder, everyone is pulling out their pair. I don’t see the fascination with these boots, they  look tacky. I have never put my foot in one but something tells me they are not comfortable. And besides, you have been wearing them everyday and they are wearing out, sweetheart, I think that's a sign that you should get rid of them.
Those old white Nike shoes: I don’t care if guys hate shopping but I hate when guys wear those dirty Nike shoes every single day. You have been wearing them since middle school and I hate to break it to you but it is embarrassing. 
Socks with sandals: I walk on campus and I see people about thirty people wearing socks with sandals. I know you know that it is raining outside.  I don’t think it takes too much to put on a pair of shoes. Now this is when I prefer you to wear your beat down Nike shoes although they should not be an option.
Looking presentable does not mean that you are materialistic or you have money, it means you take care of yourself. And besides, when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you know what that means.


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