A dream girl's dream closet.

We rarely see curvy women on the runway. I do not know why because celebrities are having surgeries every day to have bigger breasts or whatever they would want to fix. Maybe it is all a way of advertising. And besides, real women have curves (So I have heard)
Jennifer Hudson recently lost weight. She lost about 80 pounds, it was one of those “WOW” moments; like the ones you have when you see people on the biggest loser weighing in their weight.  I don’t think that Hudson lost weight to fit into the Hollywood society since she seemed to be doing fine. Maybe she did it to stay healthy for her child that she had recently given birth to. I mean, she was not insecure about her weight, she wore whatever she wanted but now, she is wearing a glow; a glow that only a person who has lost 80 pounds can wear.
After Hudson’s weight loss and closet change, she is climbing her way up to my fashionista list.  She seems more confident than ever and taking more fashion risks. And if you know me, you would know that there is nothing I love more than seeing people taking fashion risks. But if you didn’t know that, now you know.
She is wearing more designers than before. Hudson looks breath taking in this Vera Wang gown.  The blue knit dress is perfectly matched with Louboutin booties. The Michael Kors spring 2012 leopard print dress she is wearing just embraces her figure the perfect way.  The black fishtail gown with the gold details also looks stunning. This gown is also in the Michael Kors spring 2012 collection. This all proves that it is not true when Nicki Minaj said “you couldn’t get Michael Kors if you was f’ckin’ Michael Kors” because Hudson is wearing Kors’ design straight off the runway.
With her new album she is working on, it seems to me that Hudson is back to take over the world and she came with a new closet to help her.  This is the time when a person deserves to give themselves a high five for the hard work and if she hasn’t given herself one, now is the perfect time.


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