The Girl With The Fierce Fashion

I have wanted to go to the movies for a while now. I love movies and that is exactly why   I happen to have a long list of movies I would love to watch. My list include, ‘my week with Marilyn movie’, ‘War Horse’ and “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” (Do not pay money to go see the Devil Inside me)  But for some reason, I have not found the time. I remember seeing the Swedish version of ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ and I am just dying to go see the American one. Rooney Mara seems like she did an amazing job.
As I was trolling on the internet, I realized that I was not familiar with Rooney Mara’s work. That was before I recognized her from ‘The Social Network’.  She was Erica Albright the girl who inspired Jesse Eisenberg‘s Mark Zuckerberg to create Facebook after she broke up with him. And now that I was familiar with her work, it was time to review her fashion, just because I think it’s important if I am going to spend my money to go see her movie.
I was impressed by her style. Mara’s red carpet looks are edgy and fierce. The high-waisted black skirt with that gray sports bra-esque and those strappy heels was a genius combination. Although the material of the black jumpsuit she is wearing by Roksanda Ilincic is very delicate because it can be easily wrinkled, Mara still looked great. I don’t even know whether to be jealous that she is wearing a beautiful gown like that one or that she is standing next to Daniel Craig who is just a very beautiful human being. I will be jealous at the fact that she is standing next to Daniel Craig while wearing that beautiful gown. But not even Mr. 007 can still her shine because she still looks fabulous.
I noticed that she keeps her make up very simple and she is not really wearing jewelry. May be that is what makes her stand out. These are all looks that fashion risk takers like Rihanna would wear but she is wearing them differently but still looking edgy. I guess the lesson of the day is that less can still make your fashion fierce. She is always looking humble which makes her style unique.

With her Golden Globe nominee for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, I am excited to see more Mara on the red carpet. And since she has passed my fashion test, I will have to go see her movie ASAP.


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