Is there a scientific method to clear skin?

Okay, everyone has “secrets” to having good skin. My grandmother’s was making sure that the water was at the right temperature before you used it. I don’t know how but it worked for her because she has a flawless skin. But we all know that  there is no better feeling than having a clear flawless skin.
 I remember I had terrible skin. My freshman and sophoremore year, I looked like a pepperoni pizza.  I tried almost everything that would supposbly give me clear skin. Neutrogena  that I tried and let me tell you, if you thinking about using it, it does not all. I then tried Clean and clear and it worked. But after about two weeks, it stopped working effectively but it made an improvement.
One thing about me is that I am such a sweet tooth. I eat a lot of candy and don’t get me started on how sweet I like my tea. I also drank too much soda until I decided to stop one day.  I decided to go a month without drinking soda. I just wanted to see if I could I would survive. After  I went a whole month without drinking soda, I realized that my skin had stopped breaking out. I then decided to stop drinking soda  since I survived  without it.  I then came to a conclusion that my skin is clear because I don’t drink soda anymore.
I ofcourse countinued using clean and clear products  which made the pepperonis on my face disappear even more. I also started using baby oil instead of any lotion and now my skin is softer than a baby’s buttocks. My sister  decided to go on this no soda diet with me and she would agree that her skin is better than it was before . She cannot go on a “let me use every acne removal  I see on tv” like me because she has very sensitive skin. But she uses aveeno products which  work for her. I guess some products work on different types of skin
My grandmother told me that washing your face with water that has the right temperature was the secret to make your skin fair and lovely but I am glad that I will tell my grandchildren that not drinking soda or cutting down on the its assumption is the secret to a fair and  lovely skin because now I am comfortable with leaving my room without make up.
After I realized that not drinking soda helped my skin, I decided to drink less soda or none at all.


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