My People's Choice Awards disappointment

Are you fuckin’ kidding me? I know that I am supposed to be a lady but I am mad so excuse my language. The People’s Choice Awards are the cause of this. I think that an award show should be about the women, beautiful hair and beautiful gowns.  The golden globe had more fashion misses than hits. The only person who in my opinion nailed it was Demi Levato. She looked amazing in that gown and it was fitting her right. I like her new color too. Vanessa Hudgens should has no business wearing that dress.  She is young and beautiful and she should stay away from her grandmother’s table cloths that she puts out when the visitors are gone.
You remember when I said that one can never go wrong with lace? Well, I think I was proven wrong. Ashley Greene’s dress should either have been shorter or long. Jennifer Morrison was a fashion hit until I saw the end of her dress. Nina Dobrev’s dress was pretty but it should have been a little bit shorter, her hair should also have been an up do maybe then the beauty of the dress would be justified because it has a vintage feel to it. Betty White was looking young and beautiful for a 90 year old woman. Basically, she could never do anything wrong. Emma Stone looked stunning. Kaley Cuoco’s dress that I almost liked made her look like a wedding cake. The girl who was working backstage wearing a green dress (I don’t even care about her name since that dress was fugly) should have made her stylists focus more on her dress than that terrible CVS commercial that was painful to watch. Very thin straps on a dress have been out of fashion since the early 2000’s.
Maybe it was the men who got the memo that they were going to an award show because they were all dressed to impress. Neil Patrick Harris was looking handsome as always.  Adam Levine looked handsome but again, he looks handsome in anything. And Robert Pattinson’s haircut was terrible.

Basically, the only person who gets the Reginah’s choice awards would only be Demi Levato and the men because they all looked dashing and handsome.  But again, men really do not have that much to risk...fashionably of course. 


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