Nicki Minaj might as well just fire her stylist.

I am a huge believer in people being themselves. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest reasons as to why I love lady Gaga is because she wears whatever she wants even if it is made out of meat. There is nothing wrong with that. Well, I am not talking about the meat wearing part because that is just being gaga.
Now we all love Nicki Minaj. She is feisty, she has crazy rhymes that most of the times don’t make sense at all but we still sing them. To be honest, it is pretty hard not to like her. I realized that recently, I am taking four looks when I see her making appearances. Twice to look at her enormous booty, one to wonder what she is wearing and the other is to wonder what the French fries she is wearing.  She might be trying to be the Lady Gaga of hip pop and you know what, it be like that sometimes.  She has to do what she has to do in order to stay on top. (No pun intended)

I realized that although her outfits are beyond extreme, it is her shoes that bother me a lot. But dear Nicki, Why would you wear those shoes to the Victoria Secret show? Why would you work the red carpet in sneakers? Nicki please just fire your stylists.  If you are going to wear those huge wigs and crazy outfits, you might as well throw on a sexy pair of high heels.  Because at this point, with your songs like “stupid hoe” (which is by the way the silliest song I have ever hear) and your down grade in your show game, you are getting annoying. Cut it down a notch and please bring the old Nicki back. 


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