There is a new blonde in town: with less sexier legs.

Who thought that it would be a good idea to have a new Project Runway without consulting me?  In case you missed it like I did, there is a new project runway season. Usually this would be good news but not this time.  It is called Project Runway All Stars”. And by “All Stars” they probably mean “previous losers”. I am not upset about the designers that came back because they tried their best to bring back the fan favorites. Like Anthony Williams the sassy funny one from season 7 or my favorite, Mondo Guerra from season 8. With his funky hair style and bowties, Guerra made the finest designs out of prints. His designs were always one of those designs that made you teary because they were very beautiful. I love Project Runway and I was always the fourth judge every week, but this “All Stars” is the worst idea ever made followed by pajama jeans. This is by the way a sign that the world is really coming to an end.  
Apart from the obvious, there are so many things wrong with this season. In case you haven’t watched it, all the judges were all replaced. Yes Michael Kors, Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia were replaced. First of all, Angela Lindvall (I don’t even care to know who she is) who replaced Heidi does not have sexy legs. Therefore,  the whole point of her walking away when the show is going to commercial is defeated and second of all, she does not have a freaking accent so the quote that Klum always says “ As you know in fashion, one  day you’re in. And the next day, you’re out.” Now I am not saying that people without accents are not cool, but Klum’s accent made even the cruelest things sound beautiful. And in my opinion, she is just being a Heidi Klum wannabe.
The fact that Michael Kors (who is my favorite designer after Alexander McQueen) has been replaced is devastating. Nina Garcia is gone too and to make it worse, Tim Gunn has been replaced. They might as well as have cancelled the show. The only thing they changed about the show was the judges and Tim Gunn. I guess I have to thank them for putting “All Stars” to the name of the show.
Now I am going to spend my Thursdays watching jersey shore, a show were people wear (Snooki) wear a leopard print dress with leopard thigh high boots (yes, I will never forget that outfit because it was terrible, I literally puked in my mouth) I am not going to watch this season of “Project Runway “All Stars” but I will of course go to the website and check out the designs.  Of course I want Mondo Guerra to win.

First it was pajama jeans and now this, I feel like I am being punished by the fashion gods for not shopping enough. I bet the same person who came up with those stupid pajama jeans is the same person who came up with this Project Runway All Stars. 


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