Who says that men cannot have fashion sense?

I still have no idea why men hate fashion. What did fashion ever do to you? I went shopping with my sister and her boyfriend last weekend and he insisted on staying outside to play words with friends. Only aliens hate shopping.  I mean, I can kind of see where he was coming from because we were probably going to spend like 30 minutes in that store but that is not good enough of an excuse. I was about to take it personal until I saw about 5 guys just sitting outside stores.
I have been trying to figure out why men are not huge fashion lovers.  Women accuse men of being the same, I do not think that they are the same and while I am defending the males, I will go on and say that not all men have fashion sense.  (Yes gentlemen, you are welcome) Sure most of them wear a t-shirt, jeans and one pair of shoes throughout all the four seasons and yes, even if the weather is beautiful outside, most of them are wearing athletic shorts. I must say that I have a few friends whose fashion is always on point. They inspire me to sing for them the fashion national anthem (that needs to be published first… of course)
Kanye West, Pharrel and Fonzworth Bentley have the best style in my opinion of course.  I am not going to talk about Kanye West’s musical talents because they speak for themselves, let’s be honest, whatever he does either being a douche bag, or a fashion icon, Kanye is good at it. Kanye secretly made his way into my heart when I started seeing him having front row seats to the most prestigious fashion shows.  Kanye came up with a fashion line named DW after his late mother Donda West. The line has tough girl chic sexy styles. Although many rappers will say that they have a “fashion line” those lines cannot compare to Kanye’s. He got help from designers Louis Goldin, Katie Early and Giuseppe Zanotti who worked mostly on the shoes. A few of his mentors were Alexander Wang. To me, this sounds like a recipe of a high fashion line and Kanye is showing off without care.
Pharrel is one of the male celebrities whose style interests me. He was voted as “Best Dressed Man in the World” by Esquire magazine in 2005 and has two clothing lines: Billionaire Boys Club and Ice cream. In 2013, he will launch Billionaire Girls Club. Although this seems like it is far away, I cannot wait to see how the line looks like.
Although Fonzworth Bentley has been off the radar for a while, he left us with his style which can never get old. In my opinion, he just walks the red carpet with absolutely no business and he will still look like a star. Omarion has comeback in fashion (literally). His style clearly looks like a combination of Fonzworth’s and Kanye’s but no one can be mad at him because he looks very handsome.
My whole point is that we are starting to live in a generation where men love fashion too. Like a wise friend of mine told me, “if I look good, I will feel good and I will do well in whatever I do”. And besides, there is nothing sexier than a guy in a cashmere sweater. Don’t believe me? Ask any girl.


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