The First Lady of Fashion

I thought that I should do a weekly style watch for black history month because people think that there are not enough African Americans in the fashion business. Who would be a better way to start this off other than our very own first lady Michelle Obama? She is one powerful woman. Her style is respectable, classy and young. Let’s face it; women in politics are not very fashion forward. No offense Hillary Clinton, I respect your suit game.
In my opinion, the only first lady who had a good fashion sense was Jackie Kennedy. She was beautiful and had style. Basically everywoman wanted to be like her.  I will admit that I would not mind stepping in Mrs. O‘s shoes.  Not because she is the first lady of our nation or because she is the first black first lady in the white house but because she is smart, has a good body and still has a fashion sense. I don’t know how she does it but she makes it look easy. She stays in shape too. Now I hate the gym (thank you fast metabolism) but if there is one person who will make me go to the gym is Mrs. O. Have you seen how amazing she looks?
If I was the first lady, I would first of all wear the most expensive clothes. I would sleep in diamonds if I wanted too. Yes, Marie Antoinette is my inspiration. Excuse my dry sense of humor but I think I had a point……  I was trying to say is that it’s not like Mrs. O is spending our taxes on her style since she has been seen wearing outfits more than once. Of course mix and matching them.  She usually wears J crew when she is trying to keep it causal. I think she likes the young fresh designers. She definitely changes what I thought a first lady should be because apart from looking beautiful next to her husband, she is out there supporting exercise and good eating habits.

What amazes me the most is that she is not just a first lady, if she was not married to Obama; she would be doing just fine being a lawyer. So next time, before you complain about having no one to look up to. Remember Mrs. O. she got style, class, beauty and brains. That is why she is my first lady in fashion.


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