Keke Palmer; always the“It girl”

I have been a fan of Keke Palmer since her “Aleeka and the bee” days. I also enjoyed her giving attitude to Madea in Madea’s family reunion. I could go on and on about the movies she has been a supporting actress but we will come to a conclusion, she really does have talent. I personally think that her talent is much underrated.  Some celebrities are famous for the most ridiculous things but Keke works hard and I am confused as to why she does not get more roles. I want to see her on the cover of every magazine because not only is she beautiful, she is also classy. And that is why I would like to consider her as a very good friend of mine in my head.

I personally admire her style. She is always classy and chic. Even when she dresses in a sexy way, she still dresses like a girl who has respect for her body. You can see that she respects herself and that she is comfortable in her own body.  And since there is no shame in my game, I have creepily (in the most non creepy friendly way possible) went through her twitter photos and realized that she really does stay true to herself.  She seems to know what type of clothes fit her figure right and that is a very important thing to know.  Her style shines through her fashion. All I am trying to say is that maybe we should have more role models who respect themselves. 


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