Now wasn’t that some award show?

I don’t know what it is but I feel like these celebrities take the Grammys as a joke when it comes to fashion. First of all, Whitney Houston may your soul rest in peace but I feel like you deserved a bigger tribute than you got last night. Jennifer Hudson killed it though and I think she was the right person for it.
There was so much going on that red carpet. Nick Minaj??? As a matter of fact, I won’t really talk about what she did because honestly, at this point it getting annoying. All I have to say is that there is only one woman with balls big enough to pull off what she was trying to do and we all know it was Lady Gaga. Bad publicity is good publicity and I have to a conclusion that celebrities who wear ridiculous things do it or attention, so they won’t get that much from me. Now let’s talk about the stars that shined last night.
Adele was the brightest star. God bless her because she has talent and she is also classy. I think she chose that dress knowing that she was going to win because it looked beautiful on her. With the 6 Grammys, Adele proves that as long as you have talent, you don’t have to be flashy. Kelly Rowland looked beautiful in that gown that fitted her perfectly. The hair was on point as we all know that a girl can never go wrong with big hair. Now that we are talking about hair, as much as Rihanna looked sexy in that dress that she co designed with Giorgio Armani to create that sexy unique dress, what was going on with her hair? She might have been trying to go for fun and flirty but the hair was not working out for her.
Taylor Swift looked beautiful in her golden Zuhair Murad gown. Carrie Underwood was breathtaking in that Gomez Gracia long sleeve backless gown. While these country beauties were showing us that one does not have to be showing a lot to look sexy (cough cough Fergie with your see through dress. Still love you though) Katy Perry pulled off a look that only she would accomplish. She wore this brilliant gown by Elie Saab that looked like it was made for her. Although Paris Hilton had no business being at the Grammys since her singing career has been dead, she outshined most of the stars in her Basil Soda gown.

Some of the stars shined brightly and while others just did not shine at all. I don’t think anyone even realized that Lady GaGa was in the room. (That awkward moment when she did not take home any Grammy…). Either you agree that Nicki Minaj’s performance was brilliant or that the awards could have been better or the fact that J Cole deserved the new artist award, there is one thing we can all agree on, LL Cool J has not stopped looking sexy.


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