Rest In Style Lee Alexander McQueen

On February 11, 2011, the fashion industry lost someone very special. Alexander McQueen who was one of the most creative designers killed himself. He was found dead in his apartment hung by his favorite belt.  He was depressed possibly due to his mother’s death.
This was personally a sad day for me because Alexander McQueen was the reason why I fell in love with fashion. He made his clothes and one could tell that he knew what women felt sexy in. We all have people who are best friends or cousins in our heads. And McQueen was mine, I would imagine him in his studio and me sitting there drinking tea (because for some reason I am always drinking tea in my imaginations)
He influenced fashion in so many different ways. He was the first person to use skulls on designs. He had odd and very different runway shows. Whether it was having real peacocks on the runway or dressing up his models in extreme clothing and make up, whatever McQueen did was original and very intriguing. Sarah Burton who was McQueen’s assistant took over his label. Although she is doing an amazing job and McQueen would be proud of her, it is not the same without him.

A girl never forgets her first love and I will always remember McQueen as the man who made me fall in love. To me, he will always hold a special place in my fashion heart. Long live McQueen.


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