Prints on Prints; a beautiful mess.

I have come to a point where I feel like everything in my closet is ugly. We all have those days, when you look into your closet and you realize that you really do not want to wear anything in it. To me, that seems like a first world problem but that feeling is very annoying.
The weather is very beautiful and that is why my fashion instincts told me that it’s about that time that I pulled out something floral. I find floral skirts very feminine and fun. Believe it or not, what we wear has a huge impact on our moods. I was in the mood to wear my floral skirt from H&M but I did not know what to wear with it. I decided to try the print on print trend. I’m very fascinated with this trend because it looks cool but when I tried it, I felt rather silly at first. I wore my skirt with my favorite shirt I got from H&M which has a million bunnies on it. And since I am the type of person who loves having fun with fashion, I decided to leave my room before I changed my mind.
There was something about mixing the two patterns that made me feel like I had a new closet. That is when it hit me; there are rules to mixing patterns. Animal prints can be mixed with any other type of print pattern because they are neutral prints. Stripes, polka dots and plaids are also neutral. The only reason why I think that my outfit was not a disaster was because the prints on my shirt were small. The secret to pulling off this trend is mixing larger patterns with smaller ones.
I unfortunately do not remember where I got my shoes but I always count on H&M to have clothes that I can play around with. I am now officially a huge fan of mixing prints with prints.


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