Reasons why I love being a woman.

March is Women History Month and in case you did not know, now you know.  I have a serious confession to make, I love being a woman. I love everything about it. I love even the things that other women hate about being a woman. I love the fact that men will never understand a thing about us. (Although some swear they do) We are complicated and it is beautiful. We women can get away with a lot of stuff. Like wearing those ugg boots or getting into arguments because we are feeling hormonal. (No man can make that excuse) Men will never understand why we are afraid of bugs but we have no problem waxing our bodies or walking around in high heels. I don’t think that men will ever know why we love having pillow fights during sleepovers or why we love sleep overs in the first place.
There are a few fashion trends that in my opinion exist because women know that men love them. I have enough male friends to testify that men love yoga pants. They literally thank God for yoga pants.  Yoga pants make the butt and thighs look amazing unlike leggings that have a tendency of sagging which could be good news for girls without the Kim Kardashian ass.  I have noticed that men also like leather jackets. Maybe there is something about a girl looking like a badass.
While I was thinking about the history of women, I realized that men hate everything we like.  Especially when it comes to fashion, all the trends we women love are being cursed by men. Maybe this is why people say that “girls dress for other girls”.  I think that red lipstick is fierce and it gives a woman a sexy look but probably 95% of men think that red lipstick makes us look like clowns. I have a pair of the harem pants because I feel comfortable in them. I like wearing them with a pair of high heels to go for a sexier feeling. Although I feel think they are sexy, I always get complaints from my guys friends. Most of the trends that men hate are inspired by them. Like shoulder pads, Men wear shoulder pads when playing football and I still don’t get why they hate the shoulder pad trend. May be I want to look like a quarterback hem sewn into my blazer. ….just maybe.
There are other things that only women can get away with; like crying in the movies or wearing something “borrowed from the boys”. I will be honest; I own about five guy shirts. I am the type of girl who will be wearing your shirt in a blink of an eye just because I liked it but a guy cannot wear something of mine because he will never get away with it.  Sometimes when I want to feel “sexy”, wearing something “borrowed from the boys” with a cute pair of heels does it for me.  But my favorite thing that confuses men the most is our shoe addiction. They don’t understand why I need more than five pairs of shoes. I am attached to my shoes and I don’t really think my brothers understand why I need to pack an extra bag of shoes for the weekend.  A girl never knows when she will need an extra pair of shoes. These are some of the things that the universe will have to provide answers for.


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