For the love of shoes

I have this weird habit of looking at shoes when I need to think. It’s like; every pair of shoes has a personal story. I don’t know if you have ever realized but no pair of shoe feels the same as another one. (I promise I will not start giving a speech about how different we are) one thing that I love about this rainy weather is that I get to stay in and “do” work because I don’t have to feel guilty about being inside when it is nice outside.

I have this beautiful pair that is breathtaking. It is just colorful and flirty and sassy and classy (I swear I’m not describing myself) I fell in love with these heels a few months ago when I went shopping with my big sister. (I remember we raced for them) I have not worn them yet because I need a special occasion. I don’t even try them on or think about wearing them with anything, I just stare at them. I look at them and admire their beauty. I know I sound like a typical girl but I cant help it. Some shoes come in your life to be worn with every outfit, everyday. But I think this pair came into my life so that I can stare at them. And I am not complaining, because they are keeping me GREAT Company!!!


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