Lasell College Fashion Weekend

There was so much going on this weekend. I would like to say that if you had a bad weekend, you might as well stop reading from here because I am going to brag about how fabolous my weekend was.  My weekend involved lots and lots of hairspray, make up and everything fashion. I had such a wonderful weekend that I was passed out in glitter by 12:30 am (sounds like a Ke$ha song but it's not)
This weekend was Lasell College’s fashion weekend. Lasell’s fashion students showed off their work on Friday and the seniors did the same on Saturday night. Now if you do not know anything  about Lasell, we take fashion very seriously. (Seriously, if you don’t believe me, just stop by)

When I saw Rufus’ line, all I could think of was Alexander McQueen. It was  OMG OMG  I have no words.

I helped my friend Colleen show off her designs. I was very flattered that she asked me because I adore her fashion. She has a beautiful fashion mindset. I gave her permission to do whatever she wanted with makeup and before I knew it, I was wearing orange lip stick. I would never wear it but I trust her style, it did look good on me. Her collection was amazing and playful. The first time I saw it, I was speechless. Her theme was sunrise and she did a wonderful job with it.

The show was brilliant. I looked at the designs and could not believe that they were made by my peers.  I am only jealous of two type of people, people who have talent and tall people and I was secretly jealous at how talented Lasell College fashion majors are.  Everything was well made, the stiching was on point.  I could go on and on but Will Dempsey can tell the story better through his amazing photography  skills. Visit his website to see more designs and the fun you missed.


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