Madonna gone wild.

I know that it has been a while since I upgraded my blog. Yes, I am still alive but apparently, my professors love  me so much that they have been assigning papers on papers ( I am feeling the love). But now that I am back, let us talk about the material girl herself. There are people who were born with beauty and talent and there are some people who have to work at being beautiful and talented. And Madonna is both of those people. I’m I the only one who has seen her body?
Let’s face it; Madonna is not even a human being. There is no way that she is. She literally hasn’t aged a bit. I will probably grow old and grey while she is still dancing around with pom poms. Everything she does, the lady is good at it. Now I know you are reading this and I know you got nightmares from that superbowl halftime show performance but try moving like that when you are 53 years old. I am shocked at how young she looks. Either she is going under the knife or going to the gym, she is still looking fabulous and looking younger and younger everyday. Normally, I would question about the things a young girl age do but it is Madonna, she is enjoying her young days. Even at her age, her body looks better than mine. Now that I think about it, it has been about 20 years since we saw Madonna hot like this.
Madonna and her teenage daughter Lourdes designed a clothing line “material girl” that is available at Macys. I browsed through the line, it was actually very beautiful.  It is very chic, sassy, sexy and fabulous. I adored every design in it but again. I could see the daughter’s influence and Madonna’s influence in the line. It’s like having two Madonna’s which makes it twice exciting. They have the best mother-daughter relationship ever.
I think that I am this surprised at her comeback because I was not born when she was the hot thing but looking at her work more before and now and seeing that she just got hotter really fascinates me. I also have seen her “girl gone wild” video which reminds me that I need to hit the gym because she is like 34 years younger than me and she can move like that without breaking any bones. She literally looks like a 20 year old. Look at her rolling around in handsome naked men. Get it girl. I never thought that I would ever see a day where I would say that a 53 year old woman is HOT. I guess that it is fair to say that Madonna has changed my views on ageing. I just hope I look as good as her when I am her age. All in all, it is fair to say that the material girl is back to claim her title.


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