This post doesn’t need a title

I am going to begin this post by saying that I HATE taking pictures. I just feel awkward.  I think that the camera views me differently than I view myself: but that could just be me. (so excuse the awkward pictures…at least I think they are) Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room, I have another secret to share, I love dressing up. I always make up excuses to get dolled up. For example, I will wear my fancy dress because it is National high five day.
I had a Media Ethics presentation so I decided to get dolled up. I pulled out my polka dot ensemble. I never wear it that often but when I do, I love dressing it up. I think that polka dots make everything look classic. I love them; they just make me…..happy. My cousin bought me the dress from a vintage store in Texas.
I love my necklace from so good. I have a thing for big rings. I thrift shopped those wedges for like 10 bucks. (My name is Reginah and I am a thrift shopper…sometimes) They are very comfortable. And if you are like me, there is no better feeling than getting a fabulous good deal.  These are the things that make me sigh.


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