The chemistry of shoes.

I think that shoes are like good men, when you find one, you keep on to them. (I have a point, I promise) I love heels; I know how to get comfortable ones that is why I could wear them all day. I could wear heels and run around the world, make a stop in Uganda to visit my grandfather, make another stop in Europe and run back here to do more running in those heels. Okay, you get the point.
There are different type of heels, there are heels which a huge platform. I always go for those. They are very comfortable. The platform gives you extra comfort.
Then there are the ones with the thin heel and platform. These are the tricky ones; they are not very comfortable unless you are a champ. They might be pretty but have zero support. (Especially if you were planning on running around the world like me) they are good for like two hours.

Then there are the ones with the thick heels, those are very comfortable. (Especially when they are boots).

The wedges are my favorite.  I prefer the closed toed ones because the pressure doesn't go ot my toes. A girl should also always remember to carry an extra pair of flats because you never know what life throws your way.

So ladies, next time you go shoe shopping, ask yourself, do you want a long term relationship with those shoes or do you want a short one. It doesn’t matter how cheap or beautiful those shoes are, they have to be worth it. You have to ask yourself, “Would I wear these shoes every day for the whole week without complaining about my feet?”  If it is, then I think it is worth it no matter the price. Besides, every girl needs to have a pair of shoe that they can always count on.  


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