Chin up, Walk Tall

I love shoes. Like love (LOVE) shoes. A nice pair of shoes will make my day. (which explains why I find myself looking at shoes during stressful times). From 1 to Lady GaGa, I think that I'm at a 7. And I am only there because I have yet to afford all of them. There are these “heel less heels” that are coming up. I can’t describe them but they are very interesting.

Victoria Beckham wore them a few years ago but the credit is going to Lady GaGa for “starting” them. 

These shoes are very interesting and could be very dangerous (I’m willing to take my chances) simpler versions of the shoes have been made. Celebrities who do not have fashion like Lady GaGa are wearing them which might mean that they are not as dangerous as I think they are

They look like they are comfortable. Call me crazy but I’m thinking about owning a pair. I however have to try them on first. I found them online but I have to see them in person. (I wonder if any stores have them)  I think that these are the type of shoes that you just have to own. you have to work them or else you might find your face on the ground. (hopefully you don't) I also think that it is people who love shoes like I do that would understand the beauty of these babies.

I saw these black ones online. They are very affordable, i will watch them like a hawk. 


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