Designed by Amy Leu

You know when you are watching Rachel Zoe and she goes to a fashion show to get a dress for her clients? You don’t know who she is? Okay, what about when watching Fashion Police and they say that it’s “straight off” the runway. I guess I will take you through it; people (stylists) go to the fashion shows to see what is coming up in the trends. In the fashion industry, that is when they fight each other to make sure they get the designs first.
So far, I have no competition so I do not have to fight anyone. At the Underclassmen fashion show, I saw this outfit that I would like to say was made for me (I say that for 99% of the things that I like) I thought it was original and trendy. It was one of those “love at first sight” moments. (That’s how you know that it’s real by the way) I have seen this trend and I am a huge fan of it nevertheless I have not seen it with denim. So I had to have that skirt. I talked to the designer Amy Leu  ( she is brilliant and I’m very excited to see her future work) we talked business and guess who owns that skirt? This girl!! I am so excited to wear the skirt and when I do, I will let the whole world know but you guys first.  


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