The things that make me sigh

Yesterday, everybody who is somebody in fashion, movies and music was in New York for the  Metropolitan Costume Gala Ball. (My invitation got lost in the mail) If you don't know what that is, it is basically like the  "fashion Oscars". This is the event where you have to dress to impress. In a few words, it is a pretty big deal. There were gowns that were WTF and others made me sit back and sighed and made me realize the beauty of life. (Yes, all it takes is a gown)

I mean, look at Beyonce. looking like she always does, flawless. That is how ladies you come from a maternity leave.  I want to be like her. The woman can't do no wrong. The dress looks amazing, she looks amazing.  Its like she put me under her spell to love everything she does.The QUEEN is back.
I love this dress on Mara. It is sexy and classy at the same time. Don't you just love anything lace?
My lady crush. I went to see the avengers and she just did a terrific job. She is beautiful from top to bottom. She makes that dress look beautiful.
I  have to say, I actually like his haircut. He is hott so whatever he is wearing will look good on him.
Need I say anything? Leighton looks fabulous in this dress. I love love her. She is my best friend in my head.


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