What inspires your style?

It depends on the season. Right now, I am inspired by flowy things. I love the maxi dresses/ skirts (although I am a short girl) I think that they are classy and fun. You can never go wrong with a maxi dress or skirt. I am also inspired by silky things. It is summer so I prefer to wear things with light materials. (That’s just me)
I am also inspired by the color blocking trend. I love colors and the fact that I can wear any colors I want together just makes me the happiest girl. This trend is so fun. It is done with shoes too and what do you know, even the guys are having fun with it.

I like it when the weather gets better because this gives the opportunity to play around with the clothes in your closet. That must explain why mine are scattered everywhere.The next time someone asks you “what inspires your style?” just remember that you do not have to say a celebrity. So I would like to know, what inspires your style? 


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