Life can be stressful and for some terrible. But there are these little things that will make you forget about the cruelty of this world. Like pinkberry (nest time you there, try the peanut butter flavor….TRUST ME) or getting a good deal on something. Speaking of good deals, I am a huge fan of sales. With my new saving plan (that is not going very well by the way) I am very glad that there are very many sales during the summer. It’s like the fashion gods are rewarding you for those sleepless nights you spent in the library.

New York Company has almost everything in the store 40% off. White House Black Market is having all sorts of sales. The swim wear is 40% off (cough! Cough! ladies) Ann Taylor is also having a huge summer sale. I went to H&M yesterday and the store is full of red tags. Red tags are good..very good. Forever 21 is also having a huge sale.  

Hold on, I have to breathe…Aldo which is also having a hug sale.
These stores are having sales on top of sales. I recently discovered ARDEN B. it is such a very chic store and is making its way to my favorite store list very fast.

With all these good sales going on and school being out, for the next three months, we all have reasons not to complain. And if you get allowance, it might be that time to work hard to win the “child of month” award so that you might get a shopping trip. And if you do not need any of that, then go shop away and remember the world is your runway.


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