To the women who make looking beautiful so easy

How heartbreaking would it be to find out that Ryan Gosling’s abs were photoshopped. (I don’t even want to think about it).  Being beautiful is not the easiest thing. We all want to look a certain way; it doesn’t matter how confident you are there has to be something that we all want to change about ourselves. For me, I wish I was taller. (Good luck with that)
Rumor has it that Kanye West wants Kim to wear less make up. He wants her to look like The Duchess of Cambridge Catherine. This got me to thinking, there are a few celebrities who are unbelievably beautiful but do not necessarily cake themselves in make-up. Let me start by Halle Berry. She is so beautiful. (Even on her worst days) She has been recently seen wearing her hair in curls. She is just flawless.
 The dictionary should have Alicia Keys under the definition of a lady. I adore her. She keeps it simple but still looks flawless.
 Elle Varner is just upcoming. i think everyone should know her. Her style is very intresting and I love it. Like she said in one of her songs " so fly" "So I decided I'm the definition of fly and if you want to know why I know what money can't buy" She couldn't have said it any better. I am excited to see where her career goes.
 I love Sofia Vergara. I love the way she embraces her curves. She knows what she has and she works with it. She also keeps the make up simple. The way she embraces her curves makes her natural beauty shine.
 Lauren Hill is the name everyone should know. If you don't know her or any of her songs, then consider us ex friends. I don't even have to say anything about her natural beauty. Just look at her. So beautiful.
 Jill Scott always has that natural glow on her too. Although she lost weight recently, it is no secret that she loves her curves. I think that natural beauty is also embracing what you have.
 Scarlett Johansson is probably one of those people who wake up looking beautiful. I love the fact that she keeps her make up simple. She also embraces her curves. She is just always glowing all the time.
 She was not kidding when she said that her "hips don't lie" I love how she embraces her curves. Notice that she doesnt wear too much make up?
 Solange decided to go natural when she cut off her hair. I love the big hair. I think that she looks beautiful.


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