2012 ESPY Fashion roundup

One thing that people are surprised by me is that I am a huge fan of sports. I might not be always willing to trade my dresses for sweatpants but I love watching and supporting sports.  Therefore I did not appreciate my cousin saying that I was watching them to see all those tall muscular athletes in suits. Although to be honest, my inner goddess was on the couch with Kim Kardashian considerately looking for the next one on our list.  
           As I have said before, I am a huge fan of men’s fashion. That being said, I’m very seriously at the way a suit should fit or be cut. Jeremy Lin did exactly what I love. His suit was perfectly cut. The bowtie was a perfect idea (a skinny tie would have done the trick too) He had to be my favorite best dressed male of the night.

I love the maroon on Vernon Davis. He could have gone with a white or black bowtie but I am glad he decided to go with the polka dot one.

Victor Cruz was also on my top list. The trousers fit perfectly and I love the choice of the shirt. And the fact that he has a pretty smile helps too.

I love the choice of shoes Eli Manning wore. I think that all men should know that brown shoes are to them what a little black dress is to women.

Name me one person who doesn’t love Tim Tebow. He is just like a big teddy bear with the prettiest eyes.  He is going to get away with the fit of his suit because he is a big guy and he has pretty eyes. Ladies and Gentlemen, believe it or not, having pretty eyes will earn you a spot on my best dressed list.

I am going to say that I will not make an Anthony Davis unibrow joke. oh no, that will be too easy. What is going on with his suit? He is a tall guy and I don’t understand the problems tall people go through when looking for clothes. But I speak for all the short people (women) out there who have trouble finding maxi dresses; it is very hard and frustrating.  But if his trousers had a fit like that of Victor Cruz and Jeremy Liz, I wouldn’t feel the need to make a unibrow joke. But you have to admit, it is hard not to make one.

I hate when men wear sneakers with suits (almost how much I hate when girls wear snapbacks) and that is where Thomas DeCoud went wrong hear. (a belt would have atleast done the trick) Guys, you have to respect the suit. This would have looked better if he wore a tie. when you wear a bowtie, you HAVE to wear it properly.

I will have whatever  Maria Sharapova is having. Maybe its because she is a tennis player. She looks amazing. If this is what tennis makes you look like then someone please sign me up for some tennis lessons.

Saying that you don’t love Zooey deschanel is like saying that you don’t love oreos. You cannot be trusted. Zooey looked stunning as she always does. I love the red detail with the dress. I wonder how the outfit would have looked with red shoes.


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