Christian Louboutin, Our fairy godfather

Just when you thought that fairy tales were not true, more evidence surfaces that is not necessarily true.  (I cannot vouch for the prince charming part) Christian Louboutin launched Cinderella’s new slipper.  This was through collaboration with Disney to celebrate the re-release of Cinderella on Blu-ray.

Louboutin’s new Cinderella shoe might not be a glass slipper like in the fairytale (prince charming no longer comes on a horse either) but it feature his signature red sole, delicate lace, completed with crystals and breathtaking butterfly accents. The shoe is just breathtaking.

Unfortunately, Louboutin’s slipper will not be produced for mass sale, only 20 pairs will be given away worldwide this fall. The designer will anoint one lucky U.S fan as his Cinderella and give her a pair. This is like a modern fairytale.  I can tell you one thing, with a shoe like that, I would run back to get it from those stairs even though it’s already midnight. Forget prince charming, I want this shoe delivered to my house and all my fairy tales will come true.


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