Confessions of a non- shopaholic

My last post made me think about some things.  When does shopping become a problem? I don’t blame Beth Stark for having that many shoes because to be honest, a girl never knows when she will need an extra pair of shoes.

Okay, let’s go on shopaholic 101 here. We all enjoy the finer things in life but some of us enjoy them more than others. I think it’s about knowing your limits and how much you can spend. If you want that Micheal Kors bag like I do but you have a million bills to pay and children to take care of, then I am sorry to say that the bag is not for you at this moment.  It would not hurt to get a chic nice one from Marshalls or some other place where you can afford.

In the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic which I have watched enough times to know it line by line, Rebecca Bloomwood  who clearly enjoys shopping  goes in debt and runs away from her debt collector. Although she knew that she should be paying her bills, she kept on shopping. Now that is not smart thinking.  

Some of my friends who have gone shopping with me would say that I have a shopping problem but I don’t think I do. And no, this is not the denial stage. I only buy the things that I need or want, I don’t have any loans to pay off yet so I think it is only fair that I put a little sparkle to this economy.  And look at that, today is pay day!!!


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