Essence Music Festival fashion roundup

                      It is so hard to keep up with things ever since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise filed for divorce, I can barely find my lip gloss. But while I am catching up, singers and celebrities were in New Orleans celebrating the Essence Music Festival. 3 days of famous people getting glammed up (some not the case) watching their other famous friends perform sounds like something I should have been invited to.  
                         I love Michelle Williams in this jumpsuit. It is about time she came out of that unfashionable rock. She looks amazing although I would have suggested her hair in a ponytail. I would have loved to see more of those earrings. When wearing something that is not very form fitted, make up should be kept light and hair back to avoid making the outfit looking messy.
                          I have grown fond of the single ladies cast. Those girls know how to enjoy the single life. Denise Vasi looks beautiful in this black lacy dress paired with the matching blazer. She kept it simple and sexy at the same time. The secret to wearing blazers during summer is to keep the skirt or dress short.

                      The ladies all look beautiful. I wish Mr. Woodside would have won a different shirt. A t-shirt would have changed this look. I love the shoes with the trousers. I am just not feeling the shirt but it is not going to stop me from making inappropriate remarks about his sexy body.

           My best friend in my head June Ambrose looks amazing. In the future, I might let you know why I adore this woman. She is of course wearing the heel less heels that are on my Christmas list.
                    There are so many things wrong with this outfit but dear Eva, you are a beautiful supermodel and you know how wrong this outfit is. But I will say one thing, the worst choice she made was wearing that white bra, might as well have worn a pink one. It’s not like this outfit could have gotten any worse. I wonder what difference longer shorts and a different bra could have made.
                 One of my biggest pet peeves is when people half tack in. either you are neatly going to tack in your shirt or just let it hang. It looks messy. She has a wonderful body. The necklace could have been longer and preferably black. But even when the outfit is not working out or you think it’s working out, forget the trends, put your best foot forward and remember that the world is your runway.


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