God Save Her Shoes

Danial Shak the Hedge fund manager is suing his ex-wife professional poker player Beth Shak for 35% of her shoes. I know divorces can get a little messy but I have never heard someone suing for shoes. Maybe it is because Beth owns 1,200 pairs of designer shoes. She was featured in a documentary about women obsessed with shoes called God Save My Shoes. His story is that she hid them in their apartment. Unless he was a careless husband who did not pay attention to his wife, there is no way she would have managed to hide all of those shoes. She even turned her son’s room into a shoe closet.

 This makes me upset because I know he just wants to hit her where it hurts the most. The guy is a millionaire; he doesn’t care about the shoes. Girls tend to be attached to our shoes. I can barely get rid of one pair. But I know how I can solve this problem, she is a size 7, I am a size 7 and I have more than enough room to help her take care of some of her shoes.
 There is no such thing as having "too many" shoes. A girl never knows when she might need an extra pair.


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