Miley Cyrus out in New York

                        Miley Cyrus stepped out in New York earlier for a dollar some shopping. When I first saw this outfit, I thought that the shorts have a fun print and then I saw the boots. I will not make any “she looks like a hooker” comments. (Although I have many of them)  I will leave that to you. I am just upset that she did my second biggest fashion pet peeve; and that is wearing boots with shorts.  If you were wondering, my first one is wearing Ugg boots in the summer.
I think that guy is with me on this one, boots shouldn’t be worn in this heat. She might as well have worn ripped stockings, maybe then I would have understood why she felt the need to wear the boots. The shorts look cute though. I think that she should stop with these terrible outfits and go back to the studio or make a movie. Doesn’t she have a wedding to plan for anyways? But I she feels like she needs some media attention, next time she should step out with Liam; shirt on or off, whatever he preffers because we do not judge the Hemsworth brothers.
P.S The secret behind pulling off either a good or terrible outfit is putting your best foot forward and remember that the world is your runway.


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