Picture of the day: Jennifer Lopez celebrates her birthday

                             Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 43rd birthday last night. (I swear this woman gets better with age) And what do you give a woman who has every pair of Louboutins? You throw her a surprise party on a yacht and that is exactly what her 25 year old boyfriend did.

                                 She wore a Tom Ford Fall 2012 collection red zipper dress. I did not know what to think about it at first but that was until I saw the back. You are not the girl of the moment unless you have some Christian Loubotins on your feet and J.Lo knows that because she paired it with these Louboutins.

                    I know that the spotlight is on the birthday girl but I have to say that I love what her boyfriend is wearing. Believe it or not, I had never really paid attention to him until I saw this picture.  The jacket, the trousers are cut very nicely. J.Lo seems to have everything but I wish her to blow many more candles and own more Louboutins, as along as she leaves a pair for me.
What do you think of her look?


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