Project Runway returns for tenth season in style

Project runway celebrated 10 years with the return of its tenth season. Now me being the hugest fan of the show, I watch it as if I am the other judge.  I love the first episode that is when you know who really want to be there and who is going to cause drama in the sewing room. You are showing your work to Michael Kors who is like the fashion god, not very many people get that chance so designers have to always make it work.
I already have a few favorites; my number one is Sonjia Williams from Boston who is also a Lasell College alumni I think her style is chic and effortless. I want that denim shirt she was wearing with the ruffles. The brown jacket she made was so beautiful, if you take a closer look to see how perfect the details are you would know what I’m talking about. Everyone (even those who don’t watch the show) should vote for her for fan favorite, I am excited to see more of her work.

Koon Kosuke from Japan is my second favorite. There is always that one designer with funky style and says the funniest things and I think it is him for this season. I thought the romper was amazing but that is because I am a huge fan of the Japanese street style. I am also excited to see more of his work.
I found Alicia very interesting. She designs for the modern tomboy but she beautifully executes the idea. Me being a girly girl, I found myself wanting to wear her jumper.
I mean, look at how chic this design is. This is why I love this show, you get to see something like this being made, its magical.
When I saw Raul Osorio’s suit dress, my heart dropped. It was beautiful and the way it draped.

The dress its self left me speechless

Words cannot express how beautiful this dress is. In every episode, there is always about two designs that get me teary because they are perfectly made and for this episode, this was the one.
 Word on the street is that they have a challenge where they make designs out of candy, I already have my sweet tooth ready.



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