Project Runway's sweetest challenge

                  I love having days off because that is when I grab my remote, blanket and snacks and go straight to my DVR. I don’t watch too much TV but there are a few things that I wouldn’t dare miss.  The top one is project runway. This was my favorite episode so far; the designers had to make designs out of candy. Candy and fashion are my favorite things so I knew that this was going to be a good episode.
               In this episode, I learnt that you cannot make anything out of cotton candy and that when it comes to fashion, you ALWAYS want to be on his good side. I love this season’s designers because they seem to be more determined (most of them anyways)

If you are not on team Sonjia, then I dont know what you are thinking. I love this dress. I would personally wear it. She neatly put the candy pieces together.

How amazing is the design at the back. I cant believe that she made this out of candy. I wish the hair on the model was up.

                    Ven won the challenge. I love this dress, it is sweet, chic, trendy, sexy and very flattering. I love how confident he is. If I was in this competition, he would be the one I watch out for. I can see him in the top three and it is only the second episode.

                             This clearly wasnt Dmitry's type of challenge but he stayed true to his style and it worked for him. I love it.

                     The back is beyond perfection.

                               Personally, I am not a huge fan of Gunner yet because he seems like he will be causing some sewing room dramma but I will admit, his lack of personality makes up when it comes to designing.

               It is very impossible to tell that this is made from candy. The details in the back are beyong amazing.

At first, I loved Kooan's look on fashion but after this design, I think he is making a mockery out of fashion and it is very insulting. He needs to change his game plan because I see him being out in the next two episodes. I can see the idea behind this design and I like it, it was however excuted very poorly. You CANNOT make such a design when you know you are going to show it to one of the greatest designers Micheal Kors.

I understand that they are only human beings and have a limited time, but they signed up for this so they better make it work or in this case, eat their designs. What were your favorite designs?


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