Teen Choice Awards fashion recap

 This was by far my favorite Teen Choice Awards. Maybe it’s because I just love Kevin Mchale. Him and Demi Lovato did an amazing job hosting. When I saw the first dress she wore, my brain froze. I don’t know what to make of it. I can’t say that it is rubbish because she looks amazing in it (look at those legs) I love the print and colors. Maybe it’s those feathers at the bottom that did not work out for me. I can see where she was going with this look and the ponytail, it was just overdone.  But she still owned it

               Now this look I loved. It might have all been black but I loved the little details on the dress. The jacket is amazing and I love the hair down. To me, it seems like she didn’t have any say in the first look. This sometimes is a problem because no one knows what looks good on you except you. Looking good most of the times has nothing to do with what you are wearing but all to do with whether you are comfortable or not.

I loved loved this look. The skirt has cool details at the bottom that this picture doesn’t show. (Sorry) I actually want to own this look. It is very young, fun flirty and in Kevin’s words, Demi looked “hella sexy” in this outfit. I also love the fact that Kevin has a print shirt instead of a plain one.

                  This is how you look when you are the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Kristen Stewart was actually my top best dressed. I love her outfit from head to toe. She looks flawless and what do you know, she is smiling. Although by this time she should be used to making speeches, I am going to excuse the speech she gave because she looks fabulous. I want to get my hands on that blazer.

                    Lea Michelle has something in common with Rachel her Glee character, they both LOVE the spotlight. This deserves her moment because this dress looks fabolous on her. I am obsessed with the details. I like the choice of no jewerly and keeping the hair down.
                 I almost cried tears of joy when I saw this dress. This was one my favorite dress. Victoria Justice looks amazing and I’m on a mission to find it.  The print, the cut, the way it flows. The dress is just flawless.

 Kylie and Kendal are stepping in the footsteps of their step sisters (fashionwise of course) They look effortlessly chic. I'm I the only one who thinks that they have grown up so fast? Or maybe  I am the one who is becoming old???

                  Part of me loves this dress. I do not however like it on Debby Ryan. It looks like a disaster. It is too old for her. It would look better if it was more above the knee. She is young and  at the Teen Choice Awards; I don’t understand why she chose this look that was too mature for her. I wanted to cry when I saw her in this dress. This dress makes her look big too.
I did like Zoe Zaldana’s outfit. The print is pretty and trendy. I wish the shirt was a little bit lower cut because it looks unfinished. But I give her props for standing next to those two without fainting. I love Chris Hemsworth’s  ummmmm shoes. No seriously, I love them. I love the fact that he kept the rest of his look black. Someone should have told him and Taylor Lautner that it  was shirt optional…never mind it was the teen choice awards. sigh, some other time. What were your favorite moments?


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