The future of Boston Fashion.

I’m very excited for September to come around. This means it’s time for Fashion Night Out and the Boston Fashion Week.  I have always wanted to go to Fashion Week. You know, sit in the front row and cross my legs to show off my pretty heels while designers show off their work. Okay, so maybe I am a little bit specific in my imaginations but you can’t help a girl for dreaming.

I think that in the next five years, Boston Fashion Week is going to be bigger than it is right now. SYNERGY Events is a company that promotes and introduces products to the public. They introduce work in music, art, fashion and film. This is for us, the young people. You know the ones who want their dreams to become a reality. I could go on and on about being a dreamer.

While I was avoiding reading magazines (if I see any magazine covering Tom Cruise’s divorce or Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, I will go and live under a rock) I found this event called The Emerging Trends Show. They had an even in Paris at the beginning of this month and on September 29th, they will hold their annual Boston event.  Fashion designers from all over the world come and showcase their work. On top of that, more than twenty vendors are their selling things from handbags to shoes. This seems like as close as I will get to my imagination for now, therefore I will definitely be there wearing my favorite shoes. The tickets range from $35 to $100.


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