Back to school sales; the best part about back to school.

               I love those two weeks before school starts.  They are the weeks you try to do anything possible because you know it will be the last time you stay up late watching reruns of what not to wear. While you are getting ready to buy your books, keep in mind that stores are having back to school sales. Not that it’s really hard to miss because some stores started advertising a month ago. I just know some people who live under rocks.

  H&M is giving a 15% off the entire purchase to us wonderful students who are totally ready to go back to school and spend sleepless nights writing papers. As you can tell, I am really excited that this summer is over. You will get 15% off your entire purchase if you have a valid student ID. This is going on until the 26th.

There are also sales for teachers. The teachers are getting 15% off entire purchase with a teacher valid ID at White House Black Market until September 3rd.
I love sales because they make me feel like I am saving. Although I will not be getting excited for this one because with the cost of my books, I will need a Christian Grey if I want to own a new pair of shoes right now. (I don’t need new shoes right now but if you see a Christian Grey send him my way) and besides, I will not be shopping until Fashion Night Out. Are you excited for that night too?


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