My spotlight is always on David Beckham

         There are many things that always turn my day around but my favorites are shoes, pinkberry and David Beckham. For that reason, if this post does not make your day better than it is right now then I don’t think anything else will (sorry). David Beckham is advancing his body wear partnership with H&M and new products will be added this fall. I know you remember his commercial during the super bowl.

With this new deal, metallic statues of Beckham have been placed around H&M stores. They were put in six stores in New York, two in Los Angeles and at the Union Square flagship in San Francisco. I know this means another Beckham commercial but­  I am not pleased with the fact that they could not even send one to Boston. Sigh, who wants to take a trip to New York.

         Beckham is the gift that just keeps on giving. The statues come with a contest. If you spot one of the statues (which I am pretty sure will be very easy to do so) Instragram and tag the picture #HMBeckham for a chance to win either a mini limited –edition statue because only 100 were made, a pair of underwear signed by Beckham himself or a $1,000 H&M shopping spree.
          With the rate that him and his wife are working in the fashion industry, they will be a huge deal in the next ten years. (But that will not stop me from making comments about your abs Beckham) I just want one of the statues or see one. I mean, let’s face it; this is the closest I will ever get to a half-naked Beckham.

But I might seriously need to take that trip to New York. I am just supporting uummm fashion!


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