Fake Fashion; that’s the stuff I don’t like.

I am not picky when it comes to picky. Okay maybe I am very picky but I don’t mind if something costs 10 dollars or 1,000 (of course if I had that kind of money under my bed) when I like something and my fashion fairies jump up and down because of excitement, then I have to have it. That being said, I hate when people carry around fake designer products. I know that Louis Vuitton bag is fake (trust me, you cannot fool me) it’s just I don’t know, if I really love a brand and I really want it, I am going to save every penny to make sure I get the real thing. Not the knock off, the REAL brand. I understand buying something that is similar to what you want. You know what I mean? If I want a Dior dress (which I obviously cannot afford) but I happen to see a similar dress at a store, that’s okay but if this “similar” dress has the Dior tag but it’s only a knockoff then it’s a different story. That is the only reason why I don’t own like two Michael Kors bags (that’s another story for another day)

Anyways, the reason for this rant is because Women’s Wear Daily reported Milan seized about 40,000 fake fashion accessories in several Chinese stores in Chinatown. The article reports that the seized fake accessories included 12,000 Louis Vuitton and Burberry scarves. 1,000 Dodo charms by Pomellato and 25,000 Cruciani macramé lace bracelets. This is a lot of money.

I am against fake designer accessories on my runway. I know that most people cannot afford them but when you think about it, you are paying money for something that is fake which will not last as the real one hence you wasting your money. . I would rather have one real Burberry scarf than ten fake ones. That is why I like things that are in my budget (again, that Michael Kors bag story is for another day) Maybe piracy laws need to be a little bit stricter. What do you think?


  1. I agree...but is this because I told you I bought fake toms yesterday ;)

  2. LOL this was written before i found out this important piece of information...but i mean like huge designer like Gucci etc


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