"Fashion is not for sissies"

            I’m I the only one who is shocked by last night’s Project Runway.  I don’t remember any of the episodes being this intense. Two designers eliminated themselves form the competition.  Okay, here is the thing, its project runway, you cannot just pack your bags up and leave. You just don’t do that. It was first of all silly for Andrea to pack up her bags in the middle of the night and leave. Although I guess I understand Kooan’s reason for leaving.  To me, designing seems like a very intimate process where you need to take your time and let inspiration hit you. Some people just do not work well under pressure and I guess I understand.  But not really, its project runway, suck it up because other people would die to be on it, even me….even with the fact that I cannot sew at all.

But everything came back to normal when Sonjia won the challenge (All is well in the world) the challenge was to design for a woman who is always on the go. I was all eyes on this one.
My favorite was (of course) Sonjia. Her dress was sexy, simple and classy at the same time. Even one of the guest judges Hayden Panettiere asked her to wear it on the red carpet. Sonjia is definitely going places (keep on voting for her on the fan favorite)

look at how amazing the back looks. I want this dress too

              My second favorite for the episode was Melissa's design. This is the type of outfit I would wear on days I want to be comfortable but I have so many errands to run. It looks so cozy.

I wish Christopher's dress was not black because the color makes it hard to see the amazing details he put on it. I however cannot believe he made that leather jacket within that time period. Everything these designers make is by the way under $150

But one thing that thie episode made me realize is that you have to stay true to yourself. And if you cant handle the heat, get out of the kitchen although Micheal Kors is sitting in it.


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