Gabby Douglas; born to be (G)BOLD

               I have to admit, when Gabby won that gold, it made me cry. For some reason the Olympics always get me emotion. I knew that Gabby was going to be the topic of the conversation but never in a million years did I ever think that her hair was going to be in the conversation.  Now I will be the first to admit, I really don’t pay that much attention to my hair, that’s why I had to cut it. But paying attention to hair is not even the issue, the girl is making history and we are going to talk about her hair. That really got me upset. I was too amazed at what she was doing and at some point, her routine made me cry.

Even if she had the messiest hair (although I didn’t think so and I thought her make-up was flawless)  she is on the cover on TIME magazine. Look at how amazing the cover is.

 You all need to sit down and support her messy hair or not because none of you can do this…

             I would like to say that just walking to the third stair makes me tired.

                         And we all know that I cannot reach the top of that fridge without standing on a chair.

                 I will put my favorite shoes and say that any of the people who were making those hair comments, their weaves will be falling out if they tried what she does.

                   I admire Gabby. I think she is a smart young lady. And the fact that I see her having dinner with the President or Oprah. I wish I could be like her but since it is kind of too late for me, my niece might be signing up for gymnastics pretty soon. That is why I do what I want to do because I know that the world is my runway and I admire Gabby for doing the same.


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