I have two words; Gwen Stefani

I have come to a conclusion that Gwen Stefani knows where the fountain of youth is or there has to be another explanation of why she is looking better the older she gets. I guess she is like fine wine, a fine wine whose body I want but I am too lazy to work for it. 42 years young with two sons, Gwen looks better than when she was teaching me how to spell BANANAS and you have to admit that she was hot even then.

I am not going to marvel why she is looking good because she is putting it to good wok. She was spotted earlier on vacation. I mean, look at her.

                     Last month, she was spotted leaving a hotel in New York wearing a Blumarine jaguar print pantsuit that looks like was created for her. This is the kind of outfit only Gwen Stefani can pull off. She paired the suit with Christian Louboutin pumps. You can never go wrong with Louboutins.

I just want to talk about how amazing she looks. Just seeing this picture made my inner goddess who doesn’t take fashion nonsense take her seat. On a side note, can they announce the fifty shades cast already!!!


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