Michael Phelps on Louis Vuitton’s new ad campaign

I personally love when actors or athletes get involved in fashion. (No Ryan Lochte, you are not ready for a fashion line) Michael Phelps is in the new Louis Vuitton ad. Good for him because that is a huge deal. He has now joined legends like Muhammad Ali to be the stars of Vuitton’s Core Values travel line campaigns.
The pictures were shot by Annie Leibovitz (If you don’t know who this is then shame on you) in one of the ads, Phelps is (wait for it ladies) lazing in a bathtub wearing black speedos with the Vuitton bag on the floor. I know that he is retired and this maybe the last time we see him in a speedo.

He is looking handsome and classy in this fancy Kim Jones three-piece suit. He is joined by legendary gymnast Larisa Latynina. On a side note, I need athletic talent so that I can also pose for Vuitton. Sign me up for a race in heels (which sounds dangerous) kind of thing.
In other “Olympic honeymoon” news, our boyfriend (in our heads at least) Ryan Lochte will guest star on tonight’s fashion Police. He will probably give yet another terrible interview which I secretly love because they show that even with those dreamy eyes, he is still human. While I have unintentionally dedicated this week to men’s fashion, you might want to check back in for my favorite men’s trends for this fall.


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